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Welcome to Business Netwalking

The healthy, enjoyable alternative to traditional networking, balancing mind, body and business


Good for mind and body

It's so easy for business owners to find themselves stuck in the day to day and forget to step out of the office or home to reset for an hour or so.

Walking and being outside improves your mood as well as your mental wellness and gives you more energy to get the most out of the rest of your day.

"Absolutely loved this method of networking! No stuffy offices, just a walk in the park - literally!"

Steph W

Good for business

Not only does a morning walk in the fresh air set you up the right way for your working day but walking, connecting and sharing ideas with other local business owners helps grow your network and your business.

" It was great to meet like minded people all there to support each other in their business endeavours."

Matt K

Upcoming Events

Lucy Wynn

Business Netwalking Fleet

Business: Wynn Creative

Meet The Team

Business Netwalking consists of 3 co-founders and business owners from across our regions who's shared love for business but also for wellness and being outdoors is the inspiration behind Business Netwalking.

Find out more about them and their businesses


Paula Wood

Business Netwalking Fleet

Business: Hartwood Health


Rob Fryer

Business Netwalking Bordon

Business: BrandStorm

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